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Improve your sex life and say goodbye to urine leakage with the most cutting-edge technology

Pregnancies, births, hormonal or menopause-relates changes. These and other factors cause physical changes in the female intimate region (vaginal dryness, irritation, lack of lubrication or loss of tone) that have an impact on the quality of life and confidence of women.
The walls of the vagina dilate significantly, the mucous loses elasticity and becomes dry. Gynaecological laser technology can help you regain your confidence in your body and your desire to live life to the full. We are in Ciutadella de Menorca.
The GyneLase™ gynaecological laser
GyneLase™ is the new minimally invasive INTERmedic treatment that corrects the vaginal atrophy, vaginal relaxation and mild urine leakage in a comfortable, safe and effective manner. It does this without incisions or surgery and using only topical anaesthetic.
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Minimally invasive laser for:
  • Vaginal rejuvenation.
  • Vaginal tightening and dryness.
  • Mild and moderate stress incontinence.
  • Genital appearance
  • Genital whitening.
What does the treatment involve?

The laser energy is delivered fractionally in micro-impacts of energy separated by healthy tissue.
The GyneLase™ laser heats the inside of the vagina in fractions, alternating laser impact on micro-areas with areas of healthy tissue. This stimulates the remodelling of the existing collagen and fosters the synthesis of new fibres that will strengthen the vaginal mucous and submucous.
Advantages of GyneLase™
Check out the advantages of this treatment offered at Pere Anglada Coll:
  • Rapid and safe treatment.
  • Immediate return to day-to-day activity.
  • Effective method. High satisfaction of patients.
  • Re-tightens the vaginal canal.
  • Improves the quality of life.
  • Improves the general appearance of genitals.

  • Vaginal relaxation and atrophy syndrome.
  • GyneLase™ renews the collagen of the vaginal mucous, which has lost tone and elasticity due to births and age. The vagina improves its structure and its capacity to produce collagen. GyneLase™ is also useful during menopause, increasing the thickness of the mucous, lubrication and genital microcirculation.
  • Mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence.
  • Practising sport, laughing or sneezing are everyday actions that cause involuntary urine leakages in women suffering from stress incontinence. GyneLase™ can resolve these mild and moderate leakages in a straightforward and comfortable manner thanks to a regenerating effect. The heat of the laser fosters remodelling of collagen in the vaginal mucous, strengthening the front wall of the vagina.
  • Functional and aesthetic genital surgery
  • Women are increasingly concerned about the appearance of their intimate region. GyneLase™ also helps rejuvenate the appearance of external genitalia, achieving more evenness and symmetry.
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Live life to the full without giving up pleasure

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